This is weird

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Did you know: The actor portraying Dominic Lanse is 8 years younger than the actress portraying Marlize Devoe?

June 20, 1980, age 37 – Kim Engelbrecht


March 8, 1988, age 29 – Kendrick Sampson

Kinda weird


Crisis on Earth-X! (spoiler)

HEY GUYS IT’S IAN BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH SOME CW DC NEWS! I’m so happy and sad about the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. I’ll be covering this in 2 blog posts so stay tuned for the next one.

  1. RAY X LEO

Ray Terril (The Ray) is a new superhero from Earth-1 (why though) who has mysteriously been captured as a homosexual in the show. I wan’t to see him and Leonard Snart (Earth-X Leonard and yes they’re dating and I love it). I’ Continue reading “Crisis on Earth-X! (spoiler)”