Script Comparisons Project

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A beautiful Mexican family story about the joy of music. I chose to do the film “Coco” for my script film project because I’ve always wanted to watch this movie that hurts your heart and fills it with song.

For my project, I watched the first 5 minutes of “Coco”. I chose these few minutes because it explains the family history and is probably the most essential part of the movie. The 5 minutes compared to the script was exactly the same. No changes, no nothing. Hector leaves Imelda and Coco and never comes back (because he’s dead). Rivera shoe business begins and Abuelita forces music out of her life. The script and animation showcase everything and anything needed in the first 5 minutes of “Coco”.

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No flash post this time // BTS

Usury I do an “insight to my life” post and then a “flash news post” but NOPE. I have to literally take my time and explain to you all how good, BTS is.

BTS is a group of 7 people: RM, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, and J-Hope

You have a bias (someone you stan (Stan means you obsess or fangirl/boy over them). For example, my bias is RM.


They’re soft and adorable, or just hot and t a l e n t e d.

The leader of the group is RM.

BTS means bangtan boys (bulletproof Boy Scouts) or beyond the scene.

Their music a m a z i n g. They’ve won m a n y awards. Like today they won top social artist at the bbmas.

They’ve produced hits such as: DNA, Blood Sweat and Tears, and who am I kidding all of their songs are hits.

BTS fans are called the army, and when you go their concert you use an army bomb (like a flashlight that changes colors but in a sphere it’s really cool) to like cheer on BTS and show your love for them.

So now that you know this, you should go listen to a BTS song because, yeah you just should they’re great.

Did I discuss this yet?



and I got a 28.8

You might be wondering what the heck i’m talking about. Well my English teacher had a louder than a bomb competition (a contest where people preform poems and the highest grade wins) and I GOT ONE OF THE HIGHEST SCORES WOOOT

with the highest being 30, and I getting a 28.8 means I am an adequate poet living life as a starving artist. YOESSSSSS. Now with just the team poem left, I may have a chance at winning the competition :).

Happy Mother’s Day

Hey everyone! Happy Mother’s Day. I just wanted to dedicate this post to two people. My mom and my friend, who’s birthday is actually on Mother’s Day.

Mom, you are the most amazing person on Earth. We share the same personality and thoughts on life as it is. Some may contrast at time, and sometimes we argue. But in the end, we still love each other because you are the most amazing, fabulous, and intuitive person I know. You help me get through my problems and I have a lot, but you still are always there waiting with open arms. Love you

Dear Lukas, I hate you.

Marlize theory

So, last episode, pretty much sucked. DeVoe made no appearance, team flash basically guessed that marlize left him (which she did), and there have been so many fillers this season i’m honestly depressed.

But onto my theory…

I think that, marlize will K I L L devoe. Every season has a plot twist people don’t expect as much until the last few episodes. And I think wife killing a psychopathic husband is a good plot twist. I think she’ll end him because everyone has been talking about how DeVoe should be killed (Ralph) since he knows all. Great way to make a character Jesus Almighty Flash 😑.

Anyways, what do you think about my theory? Comment your thoughts :).

Mysterious Women of the Flash


Marlize is queen. Thank god she left Clifford. I hate him so much. And what the heck is the enlightenment?! Clifford is high on something I swear.

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What a queen.

And it’s probably confirmed that the mystery girl of the Flash is XS or Dawn Allen. XS is Barry & Iris’s granddaughter who has super speed, much like Barry & Allen. In the most recent episode, she sped away from the house as she delivered diapers. She said the baby would be born 21 days from then (the flash season 4 finale). She ran away as soon as she saw Iris and Barry, so does that mean she’s a rebellious teenager and just hates her parents/grandparents? Maybe if she met them, it would cause a time quake (where two people who are related in a way meet each other and something bad happens) if they saw her. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

(Her lightning is purple & yellowish orange just like Iris’s from earlier this season, and Barry’s now)

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Song Suggestions pt.2

Stone Cold – Demi Lovato

Dangerously – Charlie Puth

In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

I like it like that – Cardi B

Mercy – Shawn Mendes

Stitches – Shawn Mendes



Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Chandelier – Sia

Why – Sabrina Carpenter

Sick Boy – The Chainsmokers

You Owe Me – The Chainsmokers

And then every single BTS song ever 😉